Monday, March 19, 2012

where our heart is

When I was a little girl, I shared a room with my sister. We had bunk beds. I was on the top, and my sister was on the bottom. We had one of those bunks where the bottom and the top were completely separate, so we could move the bottom into an L shape, and have a big hole on one side to create the best cubby house.

My little people are getting bigger, and the trundle bed was not cutting it for the little guy anymore. I decided to buy the bunk bed and let them enjoy a cubby house in their new home.

Our new home is equipped with a whole lot of indoor fun, a beach across the road, and parks to the left of us, and parks to the right of us! We are even lucky enough to be surrounded by a whole lot of little people. Keely has already made a new friend, and she is the same age as her.

Welcome to our home.


  1. Love the bunk beds Hayley! Oscar and Poppy will be sharing a room soon and we'll be doing bunks as well. Glad you've settled into the new place. x

    PS its me, Kellie. Had to select anonymous on iPad for some stupid reason!

  2. It's lovely, Hayley. I have such fond memories of our childhood bunks as well.

    May your new home bring you joy and peace and a little bit of crazy. x

  3. Wow looks amazing hun- bunk beds are the best!

  4. All looks fabulous Hayley. Wishing you all health and abundance in your new home. V xoxo



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