Tuesday, March 27, 2012

do you have a dawn chant

"Weetbix mum! Mum, I want my weetbix! Mum, I am hungry. I need my weetbix."

My little people are up before the crack of dawn, or as my mum used to say, dawn's crack. It was 5:45am for the past couple of weeks, and now it has turned into 5am. How they hid those 45 minutes I do not know.

What time do you find acceptable for your little people to be awake? Or more to the point, what time can you function to be an ace parent? Do you need anything to get you going, in order for you to rock it for them?

I can handle 6am. I am not sure what that number 6 means for my body clock, but it seems to like to get up at that time. I can completely function, and all it really needs is a nice hot shower after it has fed the little people. Once I have had my shower I am all over it. The coffee comes after the school drop off on my way to the warehouse.

Do you have any secrets to keeping them in their beds until 6am, or in your bed without the wriggley cuddles? Keely is telling the time, and I have told her about the magic number 6. Although, it doesn't always work, and Taj is the growing boy that is instantly hungry as soon as he wakes up. I jump up pretty quick when Taj starts the weetbix chant.

I however am lucky, I am one of those ridiculously happy morning people. The person we all love to hate. And I can only blame my own genetics when it comes to two ridiculously happy morning people jumping in my bed to the beat of the weetbix chant.

"Coffee little people. Little people, I want my coffee. Little people, I am hungry. I need my coffee!"


  1. My little people rise about the same time as Keely and Taj! Lucky we are all early morning people...it is the best part of the day for me and I also love eating breakfast which helps :)

  2. my boys have always been early risers, they are getting much better at keeping themselves entertained in their rooms, but the second they hear me up the chanting begins..

  3. I have a little boy who is 3 and he always says before he goes to bed just so I remember 'see you at the weetbix'. At the moment it is a 5.30 am start with him and he sits down as soon as I open his door ready to go with his bowl.

  4. I am not a morning person, my children have been coming in for cuddles to wake me up at 6.45am. I dread what will happen this Sunday when daylight savings ends and they start coming in at 5.45am. I might have to move out.



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