Monday, March 5, 2012

sharing annie

I talk about my mum a lot, and I think it is nice to do that. I talk about her here, and I talk about her to her grandchildren. I love that they believe she lives on the moon, and I love the fact they talk about her to me.

My mum used to take me to stage shows. We went a lot. We would see performances all the time when they came to Canberra. She was the one that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of theatre. I have not been back since my mum passed away. It was another one of those things that was just too hard to do. But it all changed when I saw Annie was showing in Sydney. I bought two tickets.

I took my girl.

Now I get to share this world with Keely, as my mum did for me.

There are a lot more things I need to do, and face when it comes to the loss of my mum. I give myself time, and I do not push myself. I have moved to an area on the Northern Beaches not far from where my mum moved to. The closest shopping centre to do groceries is where I did shopping with her, the closest petrol station is where she went to fill up her car, and the closest track for me to do my training on is where we walked her dog together.

Today I ran that track. Tomorrow I won't shop where we shopped, and I won't fill up the car with petrol where we did her car. I need time. Five years on, and I still need time.

For now, I accept she has gone, and she is part of me. Tomorrow I will run with her. And I will continue to raise her grandchildren showing them the life she showed me; with no fear.

{Keely LOVED the theatre, and we both loved having our girl time. I also loved Annie. This is now our thing}.


  1. These pics are just awesome! Loving that wig. What a lovely thing to do with your girl. Annie is such a great story & a childhood must xx

  2. What special memories to create with Keely, just like your mumma did with you.
    One step at a time, but beautiful steps indeed!

  3. I love reading your blogs - you live by a set of values you should be so proud of... which I'm sure were a gift from your Mum... a gift you are now passing down to your kids. Those mini-people are bound to have the same positive attitude and zest for life as you - amazing :) What a strong person you are, with a mature approach to the healing process - big hugs for you! Carly.

  4. Oh - it is such an awesome start to the day when I look up your blog over the morning coffee and see you SMILING ! It makes me smile too- you continue to be such an inspiration. Have a rocking weekend :) - Bee :)



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