Thursday, March 29, 2012

holding hands; ring a ring a rosie

My clock has ticked, and the alarm has gone off. It is time for me to not have anymore babies. A huge decision for a woman to make, and one I have not taken lightly.

I am still young enough to have more babies, 34 years old. Although, I decided that when my marriage broke down that I would not be having anymore children. I am happy with the two babies I have. They rock my world enough to have one in each hand. It may seem selfish now that I am in a new relationship, and I know I should be open to what he would like too. And I am lucky to find a man that is also happy with the children he has.

Jason has two daughters, one of which is 15 years old, and I am meeting this weekend. I don't have anymore hands, only two of them, but I sure do have a heart that is big enough to share. I have never done this before. I have met teenagers, I was one once, and I have a mini 6 year old version of one. Not sure which version is the best, the one I was, the one I am shaping, or the one I am about to meet. (It truly doesn't matter. I am nervous). All I know is that I am about to meet someone that I hope will want to hold one of my children's hands, and more than anything, I hope that she likes me.

Happy weekend.... we are camping again!

{I am really excited, nervous, and I hope I am cool enough for a teenager. I do know that my little people are going to be more than excited to meet her over the easter long weekend. Fun times ahead}.


  1. You are cool enough for any teenager Hayley! Have fun camping...we are camping with our kids at Easter along with my Dad, his girlfriend and my in-laws! Talk about mixing things up but as you have been saying two families look the same x

  2. hej my dear...i´m still here and follow your "life"...and what news´ wow...a new man in your life...a new family in your life...i´m sure it all will become to a good end...will tink to you and finger crossing for a great the first meeting...a big hug...cheers...your friend from germany...i...

  3. oh, and Happy Easter...;)...take care and hopefully have so much fun...hugs...



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