Sunday, December 11, 2011

wee painting

Did you know that boys draw when they wee? Taj does. He paints a whole picture when he does a bush wee. It cracks me up.

The bush wee is a whole lot easier with a little guy, than a girl. When Keely was little I had to hold her up in the squat position and hope for the best. It was important to know what the wind was doing. Now I just have to stand behind Taj and watch Picasso at work.

Taj is a sit down on the toilet wee boy. Although, I think with a few escaping wee's out of the toilet, it is time for this little guy to stand up with the ping pong ball trick.

Do you have anymore wee tips? What age did you teach your little guy to stand up, and wee?


  1. Let him sit! My 7 year old still sits (he tried standing up for a week or two, and decided he prefers to sit - he also won't do bush wee's) and it is great, no mess!

    3 year old has always stood up, and ewwww. He turns around to look over his shoulder, does a little dance, jumps up and down, tries to run off to play before he has finished... wee everywhere! Have never had that with his older brother.

    So yes, let him sit I say. Or stick to the bush wee's - I have a picasso too.

  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you for writing this post. I am 20 weeks pregnant with our first boy (we already have two gorgeous girls) and one of my greatest (and sillest) worries is how to toilet train him. Thank you for writing and to About a Boy for commenting. xx

  3. Hayley - grab yourself a 'weeman' about $20. it hangs off the side of the toilet like a little urinal - only at Taj's height. When he is finished you can 'flip' it {carefully} and it tips into the toilet. Flush. Voila!

  4. We love a busy wee in our house too - Not me - the kids!
    My little man stands to wee.
    He taught himself. There were a couple of accidents in the beginning but after he had done wee on his foot a couple of times he soon learnt to keep it in the bowl.

  5. I have heard that if you add a couple of drops of blue food dye to the toilet water you can encourage them to stand by telling them to pee standing up & watch the water turn green...haven't tried it personally, but if he's into 'drawing'.....just saying...lesson in colours & toilet training - double whammy!



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