Tuesday, December 6, 2011

oh christmas tree

Today was nail it on the head day. Have a list, and work my way through it. I worked myself through the whole list, and now I can just be for the rest of the night.

I captured my beautiful girl in her new coco and ginger dress, which she will wear on christmas day, and her new orange saltwater sandals.

It is all about the christmas tree.

Now to pack the school lunch, and to put away the christmas tree pile of washing. I can just be for the night; 'a woman's work is never done.' {thanks for that saying that to me mum. I hear you}.


  1. NEVER done. I get that. But you are a trojan I tell ya! I don't know how you do it. Keely looks super cute and I love the sandal tree. xo

  2. Loving the tree! we would love to own a pair of every colour of those sandals!
    Where did you get Keely's wings from? Ive been looking everywhere for a pair for my daughter!

  3. Love the tree and the clothes Hayley! :)

  4. hi sheree, I sell the wings on little pinwheel. They are beautiful. x



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