Monday, December 19, 2011

all I want for christmas is my......

Taj has the wobbles. The wobbles you are meant to have when you are around six years old is happening at the ripe old age of three.

I am learning that with boys you need to go with the flow more than you do with girls. There are going to be incidences, and they will do things that will end in tears, and sometimes they will encounter more than just the tears. Taj encountered a bloody gum, which has now resulted into the wobbly tooth.

I sure hope Santa delivers those two front teeth, as this little guy might loose one, and the other we can keep as a spare for the next time Taj decides to face plant into a chair.

Counting down the sleeps until the big red man arrives. My little people are excited, and I am too!


  1. All Maxie wants for Christmas is to LOSE his two front teeth. He is seven and still waiting. They are all so different, these children of ours. Merry Christmas!! x

  2. i´m still here, my dear friend...ui, what kind of news...;)...hope that you will have a magical christmas with your sweeties and that the red man will bring some more presents this year...;)...take care and i´m looking forward for a new year with you and all your wonderful lines...its fine with you boundaries...;)...just touching words and a big big heart...i feel...cheers and hugs...i...



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