Monday, December 5, 2011

fighting cats & dogs

The battle of the siblings has begun and it is an all in fist fight. Pushing, punching, a few kicks and a whole lot of whinnying. And one cranky mumma.

Keely and Taj love each other. There is no denying that. But for the past few weeks it has been on. The clashing, the button pushing, and the developmental age difference has become a testing time for all three of us. The neighbours must love us. I am sure they will not be knocking on our door to borrow milk or sugar.

I have tried separating them, I have yelled, I have cried, and I have even tried hiding myself, only to be found.

On friday I decided to try a new approach. One I am sure will create a lot of laughter, and maybe a little bit of criticism. We have welcomed Humphrey, and Honey into our little family. They are brother and sister, and they love each other very much.

I am going to use their new brother and sister bunnies as their role models. I have no idea if this is going to work, but I am going to try to use Humphrey and Honey to teach them how to be kinder to each other, and also for them to understand that it is ok for them to be angry at each other, and upset with each other. And at the same time teach them that the kicking, the screaming, and the punching is not on. If it does not work I will just have to roll with the fact that no one will ever borrow milk or sugar from us. And my little people have a cute soft bunny each.

What do you do with fighting siblings? Have you done anything that has helped, or have you tried things to only be punched in the face yourself?

*Keely asked for the bunnies to stay with me on the weekend. They sat on my reading chair. Keely told me that she always wanted them to be with their mum..... I have one beautiful girl.


  1. My kids are fighting non stop at the moment.
    My eldest is 6 and I think he has term 4 tiredness (well I am hoping that is what it is) because his behaviour .. well its crap. And its rubbing off on my other 2.
    I am hoping that the school holidays is going to help.

  2. Yep, end of school term weariness and crankiness has set in here too. Counting down the days until the holidays. Hope your bunnies teach your kittens to play nicely. if it works, can you send them our way?

  3. So sweet that Keely wanted to leave the bunnies with you, beautiful girl! Mine are at each other lately too and I put it down to end of year tiredness. Can't wait for school holidays when we can just hang at the beach after lazy breakfasts.
    The bunny idea is great! They learn so much more from seeing what is right than hearing what is wrong. Hope things settle quickly for you.

  4. i think that is a great idea, Hayley and I hope it works for you!

    I have lots of sibling issues here at the moment too. Mine are a little older, so they sit in the 'thinking spot' together, and then to be allowed to leave they have to tell me what 'they' did wrong, not what the 'other one' did wrong. This has meant that they are learning to take responsibility for their own actions. They still seem to be spending a lot of time there though!

    I am in love with your reading chair just quietly.

  5. My 3 year old's been so trying this week so no-one's knocking on my door to borrow milk or sugar either. I feel like the fish wife come 6pm!



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