Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the baking plan

So I have this plan. A bit of a life plan. Nothing huge, but a little list of things I would like to change about myself in order to achieve a few goals. And I must say there are a lot of things receiving ticks next to them. The thing is, I cannot cross them off, as they are changes that I want to have stay. Some things will go, but mostly this is all about improving myself as a person, and as a mother. I know I said it before, it doesn't mean I am a bad mother just because I did not bake the cookies with my little people, and opted to purchase them all ready to eat. I just want to share this with my little people on a more permanent basis, instead of every now and then.

Banana muffins with chocolate chips were baked last week, and all the store bought treat biscuits are finished, which means we will be baking double chocolate chip cookies together. I sure hope we don't eat the whole batch once they come out of the oven. Please tell me I am not the only one that loves the fresh warm muffin, or the soft and gooey, warm cookie?

The baking has rocked. Actually I can quite easily say I am one proud lady right now. Last night I baked my first roast. I have done roast veges before, but not the meat, and I mastered the pork. I managed to have the whole meal cooked at the same time, and within minutes the picture perfect meal was devoured. I even made dessert, chocolate mousse.

The simple things in life are making me smile big. And to be completely honest with you, it does make me feel like a better mother, or maybe more the cool mum. I think it is because I can see my little people smile big too.

This part of my life will stay. I will bake more with my little people and for my little people. I know there will be times when it won't happen, and those will be the days where the baked beans come out of the cupboard, and we all sit at the table with beans on toast. Other days it might be eggs on toast; I am only human, and far from wonder woman!

*the winner of the, 'everything is going to be ok' cards is: Jayne @ Shady Baker, thanks to
please email me your details, and I will post your cards out to you...  {} 

**Thank you to everyone that entered. I wish I had a box set to give you one each. I loved hearing the good! x


  1. You are rocking the baking and the roast dinner is a big part of our lives and it really does bring us together as a family! Thanks so much for the cards, how wonderful. I will email you x

  2. Hayley, I remember when i first began reading your blog, a couple of years ago now, there was a great deal of cooking with your young ones. I do think these things come in cylcles. A lot of things have happened in your life in the years since and I'm glad you're back, baking it up. Angela.

  3. Knew you could do it xx

    PS Porridge is a perfectly acceptable dinner too you know x

  4. Must be something in the wind!! I've been baking an cooking up a storm too. But cheese on toast will still get an outing for dinner's in this house!!

  5. I have been cooking a lot lately with my little people too. And I am so stoked as my little boy who is also 3 is finally eating what my 8 year old is eating. Oh sheer bliss. I also finally bought a set of 'big girl' super special pots and pans so I can cook yummier meals. Its funny how something like that makes you feel so good. Ooh I like the look of your chocolate muffins.



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