Sunday, May 13, 2012

our mother's day adventure weekend

Dear mum..... oh how I actually wish I could write to her. Tell her all about my mother's day in the mountains. Tell her that I took my little people to the same place she took me when I was young. Who am I kidding, if she was here, she would have been with us. She would have been exploring the caves and enjoying a beautiful country air weekend with us. 

This is our weekend away. We went to the blue mountains, and stayed at Jenolan Caves. Our first roadtrip holiday; just the three of us. Creating new memories, and remembering the old.

our first cave tour

can you see the crocodile?

exploring the caves

the river creating new caves for the future

the little guy loving his adventure

the beautiful crystals

the three sisters

come on mum it is freezing!

I hope all the mums out there had a beautiful mother's day today. What gifts did you receive?

I received a pottery chicken egg cup holder from my girl, and a cute decorated mini box from my little guy.


  1. Happy mothers day to you! looks like a super fun weekend, I love you photographs and the idea of creating memories with your gorgeous little people. xx

  2. What a weekend!!!! Such beautiful cave pics. Xx



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