Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Pinwheel and Kenzie Poo

I just heart Kenzie Poo, a wonderful baby inspired design blog that is full of creative ideas and an enormous amount of love for everything to do with baby. Rachelle is full of inspiration from her beautiful daughter, Kenzie and her incredible husband. She not only has this gorgeous blog with featured nurseries and anything baby she also has her own designed baby headbands featured on there, so cute and fluffy! You can follow her ongoing project for Kenzie's room and watch her daughter's room come alive. The curtain fabric was only just ordered and it is so beautiful. There are already so many fantastic design ideas you can do in your own little ones' rooms. You can also find so many amazing and creative people through Rachelle's blog. Jump onto Kenzie Poo and explore! You may even win one of her many giveaways!

Rachelle asked to feature my nursery and I was so thrilled to have her ask, let alone write such a beautiful blog post about myself and Little Pinwheel. I have included the images my husband, Simon took on the day along with a couple of images of our little helpers that wanted to get involved!   


  1. Hi Hayley,

    WOW, your nursery and daughter's room are so inspiring. I particularly love the Aunty Cookie artwork. Beautiful. Thank you also for the link in your blogroll - I'm really honoured. Best wishes,

  2. I like Rachelle & Kenziepoo too!
    We've gone to church together for years and it's so great to see her adorable little girl!

  3. Thanks Hayley, for your kind words! Had so much fun doing this feature! Take care.

  4. wow, so many things exactly the same as in my boys rooms!

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