Sunday, August 9, 2009

blossoms are blooming

Friday was the start of the beautiful summer stock that will be arriving over the coming weeks. I received my first half of Rittenhouse and it is divine. For those of you who do not know about Rittenhouse it is the the brand that combines sophisticated graphics, beautiful fabrics and it also has a strong focus on quality Australian manufacturing. Rittenhouse sits somewhere between 'boutique' and 'street' and appeals to a customer who appreciates fine quality and is not trend-driven. To me it really is for the fashion conscious mum, but still a label that you can have your little one wear to the park. The creators of Rittenhouse, Sally McDonald and Micah Hamdorf use 'playful' as one of their recurring themes, which sits nicely with what I believe Little Pinwheel is all about and that is 'for playful and free spirited little people.'

Yesterday I did a new front page image for the website, to mark the start of Spring at Little Pinwheel. I know a month early, but in the fashion industry we are early! I used all my husband's fantastic equipment to come up with a shot I had in my head. I used my creative background in Graphic Design and my love of art to come up with a fun and playful image to launch Rittenhouse into Little Pinwheel. It was fun putting all the elements together to create a look that I feel reflects what Rittenhouse is all about.

Keely had a great time and loved imagining there was a butterfly on the end of her finger! We also came up with many other shots and these will be used in an advertisement I am designing for the new issue of LMNOP magazine.


  1. Fantastic idea for the advert. I'll look forward to seeing it in the magazine.

  2. well done Hayley ! its looks fantastic ! xx

  3. Love it, really amazing how it's all put together - oh why didn't I study something useful like this??



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