Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Keely and Taj only just received homework this week after 3 weeks back into school, and I have no doubt it won't stop rolling in until the first set of school holidays arrive. I decided to give my littles my own made up homework last week. It enabled us to try out the new desk, and it helped us set up the base for a good after school routine.

In order for us to have a successful year we need to work together on this. I have decided to clock off my business head, and clock into the school mum head every afternoon that I have my children. We have decided to rock this year! Keely has chosen her high schools she would like to go to, and it means she needs to work hard in achieving her two chosen schools. {She is only in grade 4, but who am I to stop her from achieving her goal}

Keely has gymnastics on a Monday and this Monday we received the first lot of real homework. It was all systems go, and it seemed to work. Taj had finished his maths homework and practiced his spelling words with me, and also read his reader. Keely did all of her daily compulsory parts of her homework and then we moved onto other things, which she can do on my iPad. It is quite cool as her teacher can see what she has done by logging onto her student id. 

I guess if we can get through Mondays, which is one of our busiest days, and the first day of homework, I am sure we will all achieve this year.

I wish nothing more than happy children, and ones that enjoy learning. {Plus a bit more of these late afternoon walks to play on the street swing}. 

Here is to a great year for all children attending school this year! And their parents.

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