Friday, June 19, 2009

my husband & my photographer!

I thought it was time to do a feature on my husband now he has photographed this beautiful house that has little people related interiors for me to show off.

My husband, Simon Whitbread, has always had a love affair for architecture and all things design. To be an architect was his dream job as a kid, but as most of us we all seem to go in different directions, and once he got behind a lens his dream changed to photographing the architecture and interiors he loves. In such a short period of time he has had photographs published in Houses Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald and in the September issue of Habitus Magazine.

I am very lucky to also have Simon photograph all my front pages for my website and any styled shots I am after. I however have to do the deep etching and photograph all the flat lays. I guess it is fair!

The house I have featured is in Curl Curl, on Sydney's Northern Beaches and was built by Evolve. Michelle, the owner, has fantastic taste when it comes to interiors and I am loving Alex's, nursery. The images speak for themselves!


  1. Oh, lucky you having such a talented husband!

    Stunning house too...!

  2. OH MY!! Your house is amazing, I'm so jealous!!

  3. I am so jealous. Please tell me it is not always this perfect and tidy or it's really a show home that a family with kids doesn't really live in!

  4. he he! Don't worry Michelle is 'normal' her house was clean as they were selling and she wanted to have some architectural shots taken for their companies portfolio!

  5. What an uncluttered heaven!!
    Like cotton wool for my sore parental eyes! :)
    Curl curl is such a lovely area - as are most of the ocean side suburbs on the North shore of Sydney.
    Nice post and lovely blog.




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